In 20 years the demand has evolved, we have gone from the absurdities of grouper mouths, to XXL cheekbones, to the forehead too smooth to be honest, to the chest too much that any man would recognize the non-authenticity of the latter, to the madness of hydration, passing through the weekend return style blow to see appearing today in all mouths, a defatiated aspect! The point with your cosmetic surgeon in Paris.

Do these patients know that fatigue can affect them in many different ways: during the day, for a month, over a season or even all year round? We should therefore identify the states of fatigue in order to rely on effective treatments.

This celebration of 20 years has allowed us to follow and anticipate the evolution of the market, which has made us understand something important, from time immemorial we have had a demand for beauty and youthfulness from patients.

The only difference is the answer that is on the other side, solutions that follow the major trends, taking the example of surgery which had a major place, until the arrival of injectables whose promise was, by a simple and ambulatory act, to satisfy a demand for rejuvenation without going through the scalpel box.

This innovation has certainly changed the approach of the plastic surgeon, responding to a demand from patients who no longer want long social evictions or heavy procedures...

Posté dans News le 08 Dec 2020