A new trend in male figure surgery: liposculpture of the pectorals and abdominals. This is a new trend coming from the eastern end of the Mediterranean, but also from South America! Not everyone can and does not have the time to spend several hours a day in the gym, to have a perfectly sculpted body.

For lack of doing sports, which remains the best solution, it is possible, thanks to liposuction and liposculture, to sculpt the contours of the pectorals in a man who has a small excess of fat in the chest.

Abdominal sculpting is a technique derived from traditional abdominal liposuction, which consists of making the abdominal muscles visible.

A fantasy of all men, the famous chocolate bar lets the two rows of abdominal muscles appear under the skin of the belly. Hence the famous name "six pack! The result will be obtained after 3 to 6 months, the time it takes for the oedemas to disappear. The result is therefore not immediate and you will have to be patient before being able to make a complete analysis of the result.

A diet designed to dry out as well as the strengthening of the abdominal muscles is desirable during this period!

Posté dans News, Body le 17 Jan 2021