The populations of ancient Egypt already used facial reconstruction to modify the shape of the nose or ears. These practices were then abandoned for a time due to religious presuppositions, before experiencing a significant boom after the First World War.

From its inception, the purpose of cosmetic surgery has been to beautify the body and face by erasing defects. It also has a restorative and reconstructive vocation.

Over time, plastic surgeons have had to face new challenges:

Reconstructive surgery is perfected during the war of 14-18, where the challenge is to repair the swollen faces of soldiers. With the creation of the French Society of Plastic Surgery in the middle of the 20th century, cosmetic surgery is moving towards facial rejuvenation and the improvement of the silhouette. For 20 years, it has cultivated a more natural approach that respects the morphology of patients, particularly on the French market. Thanks to health and medical improvements, cosmetic surgery now makes it possible to combine excellent results with personalized care.

Posté dans News le 02 Apr 2023