Nymphoplasty or labiaplasty

An intervention on the labia minora

At a time when sex is no longer a taboo and when intercourse is much more free, women pay special attention to caring for their crotch.

In addition, with the tendency of hair to disappear thanks to the total depilation of sex, it is much more exposed. Except that some women complain about the appearance of their labia minora, worse beyond the aesthetic discomfort, they experience discomfort by wearing over-fitting clothes, or even real discomfort during sex.

Labiaplasty, also called nymphoplasty, corrects the appearance of the labia minora, which has become deformed and distended over time, childbirth or even too frequent sexual intercourse. It is an excess of skin or fat.

In this case, some women have small lips that protrude several inches from the large lips, it can be felt and seen even when they are standing.

Conversely, nymphoplasty can also restore volume to nonexistent or too small vaginal lips. In this case, the technique involves injecting fat taken from another area of ​​the body into the vaginal lips.

It can be combined with vaginoplasty or Desirial injections, hyaluronic acid to rehydrate the mucous membranes

The technique and the result

The labiaplasty operation, which consists in reducing or correcting the genital lips, is performed under local, sometimes general anesthesia. This is to remove excess skin in the event of asymmetry, dark pigmentation, or too relaxed and too visible lips. Once the nypmhoplasty, vaginoplasty performed and the skin removed, stitches close the lips.

Before performing a nymphoplasty and to obtain an optimal and natural result, Dr. Bergeret Galley will examine the anatomy of the patient because there are many forms of lip hypertrophy. The scar remains invisible because buried or hidden at the meeting point between the large and the small lip. The final result is visible when the post operative edema has disappeared.

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