The reduction of the labia minora has long been taboo or decried even by gynecologists practicing intimate surgery. It is true that...

The first techniques and even some current techniques of female reduction were totally unsuitable.

Nymphoplasty is a frequent request in women who have had several children and especially complicated, long, difficult or large babies.

This can be responsible for aesthetic and functional discomfort (pain during sexual intercourse, discomfort with dress, discomfort during the practice of certain sports).

Reduction nymphoplasty therefore makes it possible to reduce the size of the small vulvar lips.

Resumption of daily activities is possible the day after the intervention. Resumption of professional activities is possible a few days after the intervention. Resumption of sexual activity is possible 3 to 4 weeks after the intervention. Resumption of physical activity is authorized 4 weeks after the intervention.

Reduction nymphoplasty is a painless procedure. The pain is well relieved by painkillers. Edema (swelling) of varying importance is classic and gradually decreases in a fortnight.

This approach is often associated with a tightening of the vagina which is essential for finding sensations and a toned vagina improving the couple's sexuality after pregnancy.

Posté dans News, Body le 16 May 2017