If the arrival of botox and hyaluronic acid slowed down the practice of lifting at some point, it is back in fashion!

The facelift remains an irreplaceable treatment for long-term fight against sagging tissues, where the injections provide a temporary action.

The cervico-facial lifting is certainly the most practiced, it treats at the same time the relaxation of the oval of the face and the neck. Depending on the age and the area where the skin is sagging.

For double chins, the cervical lift treats only the neck, and can sometimes be associated with liposuction.

The drooping eyebrows can also be replaced with the facelift, to correct their fall and to open the eyes hidden by shadows.

When the cheekbones are sagging and the valley of tears is very marked, the facelift allows you to go up the area to find clear contours.

A first consultation will allow you to talk about it and offer you an objective treatment that is appropriate according to your needs and the most innovative treatment possibilities.

Posté dans News, Face le 09 Jul 2018