The softer techniques had made him forget it a bit. Yet nothing like the facelift to find the clear contours of youth and meet the challenge of gravity. Even if the facelift continues to intrigue.

The secret of a successful facelift, of course, lies in the expertise of the practitioner, the technique used and the patient himself. We cannot really speak of an ideal age, even if generally it is practiced around 50 years but sometimes earlier in certain skin pathologies and after major weight loss.

Thanks to the improvement of the technique, we can now offer facelifts without visible scar since they are located at the level of the temple hidden in the hair, inside the ear canal, then along the lobe of the ear in the fold, in the fold behind the ear to finish in the hair behind the ear.

The combination of PRP improves the regeneration and scarring of the skin. PRP allows local release of growth factors, small molecules that act as real messengers to activate the initiation of skin regeneration mechanisms. To answer the question, no you will not look frozen, on the other hand you will save many years….

Posté dans News, Face le 24 Jan 2017