👉🏻Cervical liposuction or neck liposuction helps to beautify and better define the upper neck area, located under the chin.

Indeed, when there is excess fat in the region under the chin, giving the appearance of a double chin, this procedure is very useful.

It allows, thanks to the introduction of a cannula under the chin, both to suction the fat from the neck, but above all to cause a phenomenon of healing by inflammatory retraction, making it possible to re-tension the tissues located under the chin.

👉🏻 Neck liposuction therefore has the effect of performing a mini-lift of the region located under the chin, removing excess fat and draping the skin of the neck. It thus makes it possible to better redraw the mandibular contours and the cervico-mental angle (angle between the chin and the neck).

It can be performed alone or in addition to other surgical techniques, such as genioplasty...

Posté dans News le 01 Dec 2023