If we had to keep only one treatment when it comes to injections, it would be skin boosters.

Whether it is to delay the appearance of the first wrinkles, around the age of 35, or to smooth out mature skin, it is the reference anti-aging technique to prevent the face from becoming damaged with time.

Skinboosters will nicely plump up the face and restore its radiance. This technique is somewhere between anti-aging mesotherapy (mesolift), which gives a fleeting glow, and dermal fillers, which are designed to fill in wrinkles or hollows.

Soft, safe and virtually painless, the technique consists of injecting fine stabilized hyaluronic acid molecules into the middle dermis to increase deep hydration, elasticity and skin firmness, without modifying the features or volumes of the face.

I recommend a protocol of 2 to 3 sessions and a maintenance session every 6 months.

Posté dans News le 08 Sep 2021