Are you losing your hair? Is your hair thinning, do you have a loss of volume or even the beginning of baldness?

Alopecia is a frequent problem that causes aesthetic problems and creates complexes for many people.

Hair loss is the result of a natural process of renewal of the hair mass. We generally observe a loss of about 100 hairs per day, which are replaced by new hair.

Excessive stress, hormonal imbalances, heredity, medication, dietary deficiencies or age-related problems - hair loss is often caused by everyday factors.

To slow down hair loss and stimulate regrowth, the most commonly used combination of aesthetic medicine consists of combining a mesotherapy treatment with an LED photomodulation treatment.

This technique is used in particular for the treatment of post pathological hair regrowth but also for the treatment of weakened and damaged hair.

These two aesthetic medicine treatments combined allow us to fight effectively against hair loss but also to promote hair regrowth by focusing on the hair bulb or the scalp. Mesotherapy + LED photomodulation available at the practice is also a recommended technique to complement hair transplants!

Posté dans News le 07 May 2021