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Mesotherapy, non-invasive skin rejuvenation: advices and procedures to follow

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that consists of injection of the vitamins, natural extracts, PRP (Platelet rich plasma) or hyaluronic acid to the skin layer. This procedure can be performed on face to rejuvenate the skin, get rid of the hyperpigmentation or to hydrate. It can also be used for the body, to make the stretch marks less visible and to improve elasticity of the skin (arms, breasts, neck e t.c.).

Mesotherapy is highly appreciated by many patients for the perfect balance between the cost and the results of this treatment, for painlessness and absence of recovery time.

With the increasing popularity of mesotherapy you should be careful choosing the clinic. Please, make sure that it is an aesthetic surgery professional performing your treatment and not just someone from the beauty-salon who is more used to make masks and face massage. Ask for certifications and diplomas. Make sure you know exactly what is injected into your skin and that the clinic is ready to provide you with all the documents about the formulas used on your demand.

Unfortunately, the last years French patients are typically searching for cheaper treatments in Algeria and other countries, often with horrible results and side effects.

All this said, here are some advices and procedures to follow to enjoy perfect results of mesotherapy:

Before the treatment:

  • Provide your doctor with all relevant medical history, especially allergic reactions
  • As with any interventions you should be asked if you are currently taking any medicaments and especially aspirin. Aspirin you will need to avoid for at least 48h before procedure

The day of mesotherapy:

  • Do not use any creams or make up on the treatment areas
  • Take a good shower with simple soap
  • If you are getting mesotherapy for the body, do not wear tight clothes

After the procedure:

  • The safest option for the water procedures would be showering. You should avoid for at least for 3 days sauna, hammam, pool or taking a hot bath.
  • Do not scratch or massage treated skin. Avoid tight clothing as well if they might come in direct contact with the treated areas
  • No sunbathing for 48h, no ionization procedures for 3 days and try to avoid contact with dust
  • You can start your usual sports activity the next days

This mild procedure usually has no side effects of any visible traces, but in special cases you might get mild allergic reaction or redness. Take note, so next time your doctor uses different formula.

Irritation disappears on its own within few hours and injection points might be slightly visible for a few days. You can use a light moisturizing cream and sunblock if needed.

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Posté dans News le 05 May 2020