The lower eyelid covers the orbicular globe. By folding back on the eye with each blink, it helps protect it from external aggressions, light and cleans its surface, did you know what could define the age of a face?

The aspect that many people want to treat is called the "pocket" of fat or water. Other aspects can displease like;

  • Sagging skin
  • The melting of the cheekbone and highlighting of the furrows under the descending eyes on the cheek (valley of tears).
  • Permanent contracture of the eye muscle of the eye (bead under the eye)

These different types of aging are not exclusive and can be combined!

My work will consist in carrying out a complete static and dynamic assessment of the gaze in order to choose the best treatment together. To correct the effects of time while maintaining a natural look, the botulinum toxin will help reduce fine oblique wrinkles. Increasingly deep wrinkles, fine lines or dark circles ... can be treated with an injection of hyaluronic acid.

The cheekbone lipostructure and temple as well as a micro lipostructure of the upper eyelid can be performed at the same time. The result is maintained over the long term and even sometimes permanently.

Posté dans News, Face le 02 Nov 2017