Tempted by a little liposuction for the summer? Is liposuction a bad idea?

The hype surrounding this surgical procedure is not always justified. Liposuction won't help you lose those extra pounds and get the model size you've always wanted.

This technique allows you to reshape your figure, to make it more beautiful, to refine certain parts of the body, to rebalance the body's harmony. Liposuction is not a cure for obesity or weight gain. However, many people manage to regain the self-confidence they had lost through dieting and exercise, which were not enough to reshape their figure.

Liposuction is an excellent alternative for slimming, but it can only be performed on specific areas of the body where sport and diet changes are not effective.

I recommend eating a healthy and balanced diet according to your needs, but also practicing a regular physical activity. It is at this pace and with this lifestyle that you will get closer to your ideal weight. Once the patient reaches this weight, liposuction can be used to repair or reshape areas that have not been able to lose fat! 

Posté dans News le 20 Jul 2021