The lipofilling technique

Use the fat to reshape the buttocks or lipofilling the buttocks

For some women it is difficult to bear fat, whether it is localized on the belly, thighs, breeches or other parts of the body. And yet, it has enormous potential because it can be used to reshape the body and in particular buttocks that are too flat and lack volume. The principle of lipofilling is to take the fat from the areas where it abounds, to reinject it into the parts of the body to be sculpted. If this method is effective for the breasts and even the face, it is also effective for the buttocks which lack projection. Above all, it avoids the prosthesis of buttocks foreign body which presents a risk of rejection. The main advantage of buttock lipofilling is that the fat removed by liposuction is autologous, that is, it comes from the patient's own fat cells. Purified by centrifugation after removal, it is directly reinjected into the buttocks to restore volume. The stem cells contained in the collected fat and which regenerate, also improve the quality of the skin. The result of the lipofilling of the buttocks is generally final, even in the case of weight gain or loss, since the injected fat will adapt to weight variations. Ultimately, the appearance of the buttocks will be ultra-natural.

Limits and contraindications of buttocks lipofilling

People who are too thin and lack fat will not be able to lipofilling the buttocks. It is indeed necessary to carry a certain amount of fat, even in several areas, to be able to take the sample and the reinjection of it it will then be necessary to apply prosthetic buttocks. Another disadvantage is that depending on the expected result it sometimes takes more than a single session, the maximum fat injected being 500 g per session. Complications during buttock lipofilling are very rare, since the process is natural, with no risk of intolerance or side effects. Dr. Bergeret Galley will be able to explain in detail the procedure and the consequences of such an intervention in his office in Paris 8th. Buttock lipofilling remains an excellent way to restore shapeliness while getting rid of certain localized curves.

Posté dans News, Body le 30 Oct 2017