Beautiful legs for a spring in a skirt? In any case, this is the goal of many women.

Especially since the appearance of finer and more effective cannulas to give us a harmonious result.

Patients' dissatisfaction with the appearance of their legs or thighs is usually due to two things: too large a volume (due to an accumulation of fat) and sagging.

In most cases, a local fatty mass will be treated with liposuction, but sometimes this is not enough to achieve the desired result.

Liposuction makes it possible to suppress the deep fatty overloads responsible for the legs "in the post" or even the "breeches".

The principle of liposuction is simple, the introduction of a cannula with a rounded, non-traumatic end, makes it possible to aspirate the fatty lobules while respecting the other tissues.

Adipocites do not multiply, but young cells do. In any case, if you gain weight again, you always gain less weight in the lipo-aspirated areas.

Did you know ? I use the Bodyjet® machine which allows the injection of physiological saline at the same time as liposuction. This technique reduces bruises and swelling by more than 70% and allows a faster resumption of professional activity.

Posté dans News, Body le 26 Feb 2017