To reconcile with your figure and at the same time your femininity, you should not hesitate to look into the radical solutions offered by cosmetic surgery. It is an important decision, it should not be rushed and wait at least 6 months after giving birth before considering an intervention.

Pregnancy distends the tissues of the abdomen and leads to weight gain that is sometimes difficult to get rid of, despite sports and dieting. To get rid of the excess fat, it is therefore possible to consider liposuction.

This is the most commonly performed procedure. Performed under general or local anesthesia (for small areas), this procedure allows the removal of fat deposits. In principle, it is advisable to have recovered a weight as close to normal as possible before undergoing liposuction. It will not interfere with a future pregnancy.

If the skin is damaged and the abdominal muscles are loose, it is also possible to perform an abdominoplasty. This will remove the excess skin, reposition the muscles and tighten the skin covering. It is not advisable to perform it if you want to get pregnant again quickly. It is a longer operation that requires a longer convalescence but gives you a nice flat stomach.

Posté dans News, Body le 29 Mar 2021