Jawline Contouring to reshape the oval of the face

In recent years, aesthetic medicine, in particular injections such as hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin , have become more accessible. These facial injections offer the possibility of correcting imperfections without requiring cosmetic surgery.

“Jawline Contouring,” as the name suggests, focuses specifically on the contour or oval shape of the face. Rather than opting for surgery, this method redefines the angle of the jaw using hyaluronic acid injections.

What is Jawline?

“Jawline” is a term used in aesthetic medicine. It designates the mandibular line or the lower jaw of the face. This recent method, originating in the United States, is widely promoted by many celebrities.

Jawline Contouring is a technique performed in aesthetic medicine offices. It aims to reshape the contours of the face, particularly the right angle of the jaw. Using hyaluronic acid as a dermal filler, this approach reshapes the contour of the face and modifies the mandibular line to give it a more angular appearance.

Jowling Contouring: Who is affected?

The shape of the jaw sends subtle signals to your interlocutors. An angular, square jaw is often associated with a strong and determined personality. Thus, a man with a poorly defined jaw or a retracted chin can develop complexes, transmitting a distorted image of his character.

Jawline remodeling may be recommended in the following situations:

  • Presence of an excessively square jaw.
  • Redefinition of an overly rounded jaw.
  • Fixed a receding chin.
  • Anti-aging treatment to restore lost volume to the jaws.
  • In a man, creating a more angular and masculine appearance to reduce an overly round face.
  • In a woman, maintenance of a natural mandibular angulation without exaggeration.

The advantages and indications of Jawline Contouring

Jawline Contouring offers several aesthetic benefits coveted by patients seeking to redefine the harmony of their face. Among these advantages, we find the possibility of making a jawline better defined for a more elegant and balanced appearance of the face. Patient outcomes include correcting overly angular or excessively square jaws, correcting receding chins to achieve a more pronounced mandibular line, and treating sagging skin in the lower face. These specific indications are often the primary drivers for patients to seek out this aesthetic medicine procedure, thereby wanting to improve the structure and definition of their jawline for a more balanced and attractive appearance.

The Jawline intervention: duration of the intervention

The "Jawline Contouring" procedure may vary depending on several factors, including the techniques used by your aesthetic doctor in Paris, the extent of the area to be treated, the complexity of each individual case, and the quantity of product injected to obtain the desired results.

Posté dans News le 31 Dec 2023