Understanding how your body works, caring for it and helping it thrive at any age is the secret to active longevity. But in terms of tissue aging, is it possible to intervene without a scalpel?

Indeed, today the cosmetic surgeon makes it possible to bring several 'soft' possibilities, in matters of anti-aging.

One of the most interesting at the moment is PRP, an injection of plasma enriched in activated platelets: we realized that there were growth factors in human serum that could be activated.

A method that has long been used for therapeutic purposes, in Brazil and Ukraine in particular: the blood of a person was taken and injected into the muscle, provoking an immunological reaction. The result: greater resistance to viruses and bacteria.

In aesthetics, we take 8 milliliters of blood, which we put in a centrifuged tube, we recover the plasma with the activated platelets, and we inject them into the face with tiny injections, according to the principles of mesotherapy.

The method also works for the body, where we then use the "micro leedling" method, a roller with tiny needles on the inner thighs, under arms, hands or décolleté.

Even more effective, for these "fragile" areas, the PRP and fat mixture (which is taken from the thighs or the belly) and which is reinjected. Fat is naturally rich in growth factors, says the specialist. The fatty transfer restores volume without scars.

Different treatments can be offered to you.

Posté dans News, Face le 05 Jan 2018