On social networks, people presenting themselves as beauticians offer injections in the lips, with the promise to make them "fuller", with advantageous photos.

Inexpensive, these injections attract many customers, often very young, eager to resemble the current beauty standards. But they often do not measure the danger, nor the illegal character of these interventions, carried out almost everywhere in France.

These people offer hyaluronic acid injections, with or without needles. Naturally present in the body, this product is also manufactured synthetically to "correct" the volumes of the face (cheeks, lips, dark circles, etc.).

It is classified as an "invasive medical device" because it is injected under the skin.

These practices are problematic on several levels. First of all, women offering injections on social networks are often vague about their level of training, indicating that they are "practitioners", "qualified technicians" or even "professionals", without any further details.

Some of them even go further by presenting themselves as doctors, even though they cannot be found in the directory of the Ordre des Médecins. This offence of usurpation of title is punishable by one year of imprisonment and a fine of 15 000 euros according to the penal code!

Posté dans News le 19 Oct 2021