It quickly makes us plunge into obsession, this cheekbone which is synonymous with youth and beauty, a memory of the round face of childhood.

On the one hand we hope it is fleshy, high almost vertiginous but without the outrageous proportions seen on some "people".

The approach is not the same on a round face that ages slower than an emaciated face. We must take into account the genetic factor that places highly perched cheekbones in Russians or Asians.

Aesthetic procedures, whether medical or surgical, take place when volumes deepen and sag, when the patient is sad and tired.

Correcting the cheekbone may delay the time of the facelift. This evokes the famous triangular face, synonymous with youthfulness.

The procedure consists of injecting hyaluronic acid or fat (taken from the knees or abdomen) into the so-called "valley of tears" located between the inner corner of the eye and the middle of the cheek, which also sags with time.

Posté dans News le 06 Aug 2020