How to treat swollen eyes?

Puffy eyes that only deflate at the end of the morning? Your lymphatic system is lazy, and the lying down position is involved. How to treat bags?

This phenomenon is not necessarily related to pockets (often genetic), but it gets worse if you have them. After a night with too much or not enough sleep, a dinner too fatty, too salty and too watered, a liquid accumulates around the eyes during sleep, accumulation favored by the lying position.

Have a healthy lifestyle, with adequate sleep, avoiding the consumption of alcohol and fat!

If that is not enough, surgery can provide solutions.

Fat pockets tend to worsen and create real suitcases under the eyes. As the melting of the volumes of the face causes a ptosis of the upper eyelid which closes the eye on the upper external corner.

Even if cosmetic surgery cannot in any case stop the aging of the face, the result of laser ablation of the pockets is a definitive operation. We will be able to perform a lipofilling of the face to improve the distribution of the volumes or even a cervicofacial lifting to remove and retype the excess skin.

Be aware that the phenomenon of puffiness is amplified by the activities experienced by the body that "congest" the eyelids:

Sleep with your head flat Practice an activity for several hours upside down (e.g. gardening) Hormonal changes and pregnancy can also cause more swelling in the bags under the eyes.

Posté dans News, Face le 15 Nov 2017