It is common for the upper white lip to lengthen over time.

This results in a loss of facial harmony and a decrease in the projection and hemline of the red lip. This excess skin can be treated. It is a little known procedure that gives excellent results with very discreet scars.

The lip lift is a procedure that restores the upper white lip to harmonious proportions while improving the appearance of the red lip.

A minimum of two consultations is required at 15 days interval.

Modern advances and techniques make it possible to obtain perfectly natural results for a man's upper lip lift while minimizing risks and complications.

The final result can be appreciated after one month. The scar becomes undetectable.

The upper teeth are more visible, the lip is rejuvenated and the entire face takes on a more dynamic expression.

Remember that beautiful skin around your lips starts at the cellular level, and microdermabrasion is probably one of the most popular treatments, as proven skin care methods significantly improve texture and wrinkles.

Posté dans News le 16 May 2021