Masculinizing the face is a request that is becoming more and more frequent among men.

They may want to give more character to features considered too soft and thus reinforce their virility or accentuate existing features to reinforce a natural authority that is essential in their profession.

And above all, to be more in line with the image reflected in the mirror! We inject a resorbable filler such as hyaluronic acid that defines the features without giving too much volume.

We are really in a beautification approach and it is important not to fall into excess and to respect the natural proportions of the face.

Don't forget that facial masculinization is a medical or cosmetic surgery technique that aims to give the face more masculine and pronounced features.

The face is a reflection of the personality, men want to give more character to their face and give off strength and dynamism...

Posté dans News le 25 Mar 2022