Who doesn't dream of a luminous complexion before the holidays?

Beautiful fresh and smooth skin, with a regular grain and radiant complexion?

Update with Dr. Catherine Bergeret Galley, cosmetic surgeon in Paris.

The quality of food is seen on the skin. Before the chestnut turkey, choose seasonal fruits and vegetables which, having traveled little, have kept the maximum of their good nutrients.

In particular vitamins C and E, powerful anti-free radicals, beta-carotene very present in red and orange fruits and vegetables. We also take care to consume fibers which facilitate digestion and thus cleanse the intestines directly related to the color of the complexion.

To have a luminous complexion, you must have a fine and regular skin texture. To gently remove dead cells from the surface and tighten pores, cleanse the skin with a cleanser based on fruit acid and then use a peeling protocol.

On a daily basis you can opt for a formula based on vitamin C

Vitamin C is excellent on the skin. Immediately, because of its color, it looks good. It fights against spots and thus lightens the complexion.

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Posté dans News, Face le 21 Dec 2017