A thigh lift consists first of all in removing fatty deposits located on the inner side of the thighs by liposuction.

Then, remove the excess skin to remove the damaged skin (whether or not it has been lost) and to restore tension to the remaining skin.

The thigh lift is not indicated in all patients, it is a repair surgery and it is recommended for people suffering from a real excess skin. It is an intervention not to be taken lightly because of the scar it leaves.

People with weak sagging skin can do suitable treatment such as radio frequency.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia, and requires 1 to 2 days of hospitalization. The operative gesture lasts 2 to 3 hours.

A minimum rest of 2 weeks is to be expected.

The patient should take care of the scar by wearing a compression panty for several weeks. He will have to apply creams and massage to promote healing.

Liposuction can be advantageously combined with this dermolipectomy to refine the thigh and other parts of the body.

Photo: Baevmaxim

Posté dans News, Body le 20 Mar 2018