The arms and, more particularly their internal faces, are frequently the object of complexes or discomfort.

The plasty of the arms is indicated to correct the crumpled, relaxed aspects of the internal part of the upper third.

The skin on the inner side of the arm is very "stressed" in repetitive movements and weight loss. When there is sagging skin at this level, isolated liposuction is not enough, and only a re-tensioning of the skin is capable of correcting the defect.

This intervention is mainly aimed at significant skin loosening: in addition to aesthetic discomfort, motivation can also be functional (discomfort with mobility or clothing, redness or maceration of the inner side of the arm).

The excess fat in the arm will be removed by gentle liposuction. Liposuction alone may be enough in some cases when the skin is not excess and it is of very good quality.

To know ; Dermolipectomy of the arms, can be considered to remove the skin and excess fat in the arm after significant weight loss.

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Posté dans News, Body le 20 Mar 2018