Pregnancy distends the tissues of the abdomen and leads to weight gain which is sometimes difficult to get rid of, despite sports and dieting. To get rid of excess fat, it is therefore possible to consider liposuction.

It is the most widely used procedure. Performed under general or local anesthesia (for small areas), this intervention removes localized fat. In principle, it is advisable to have regained a weight as close as possible to normal before having a liposuction. It will not interfere in any future new pregnancy.

If the skin is damaged and the abdominal muscles are relaxed, it is also possible to perform a tummy tuck or tummy tuck. This will remove excess skin, reposition the muscles and tighten the skin covering. It is also not advisable to achieve it if you want a new pregnancy quickly. It is a longer operation, which requires a greater recovery but which gives you a nice flat stomach

New mothers can also have a breast plasty if the breasts have suffered from pregnancy and / or breastfeeding and if they have sagging, for example.

I therefore proceed to a correction of ptosis, associated with a breast augmentation with the installation of prostheses in order to give a nice curve to the chest. I can either offer a breast lipofilling or prostheses if their volume is insufficient or a breast lift if the breast is sagging or breast reduction if there is an enlarged breast after pregnancy.

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