How about micro-needling?

Beauty is complex ... We know that it passes through a luminous face, therefore, which reflects light. Beauty does not only go through well-placed volumes, but through quality, complexion, the absence of imperfections, firmness and radiance of the face ...

Redensification, therefore the production of a new collagen and elastin, will ensure the suppleness of the skin.

This redensification will act on several alterations, in a safe way and without social eviction ...

  • Treat fine lines, wrinkles, lack of radiance, sagging skin, and much more ....
  • Acne and acne scars.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Treatment of alopecia by stopping the fall and stimulating hair regrowth.

The micro-needling offers a double stimulation: mechanical, thanks to a vertical perforation so as not to damage the skin. Chemical thanks to a cocktail of active ingredients which penetrates the "heart" of the skin through micro channels.

Thus this double action will naturally activate the collagen and elastin fibers for better cell regeneration, therefore denser, more beautiful, younger skin.

During the session, I examine your skin in order to choose the best protocol, and thus determine the number of sessions necessary. You should know that, generally, 5 sessions spaced from one week to 15 days, with a maintenance session every 6 months is recommended.

Over the micro-needling sessions, we can see a clear improvement in quality and smoothing of the skin, with a reduction in wrinkles, a redensification of the dermis for firmer skin, a luminous and uniform complexion, and pores. tightened. This technique also helps to remove acne scars and stretch marks and act on the scalp effectively.

Posté dans News, Face le 18 Apr 2016