Medical techniques allow to improve sexual relations in menopausal patients where the decrease in female hormones leads to a decrease in the hydration of the genital mucosa! The injection of highly hydrating hyaluronic acid avoids painful phenomena and facilitates orgasm. It is a quick and painless treatment that can be repeated every year if necessary... We can also plump up the labia majora... The objective is to make the labia majora of the vulva fuller and thicker.

This gives back all its sensuality to the vulva, creating a "full" aspect, therefore more youthful and toned. In addition, the insufficiency of the labia majora brings out the labia minora which are normally hidden inside the labia majora. This reinforces the unattractive appearance and can lead to the mistaken belief that the problem is an excess of the labia minora. Labia majora augmentation will solve the problem while giving a natural appearance to the vulva....

Posté dans News le 02 Nov 2021