The benefits of eyebrow lifting for men are real, because men do not need to have an eyebrow as high and with the same curvature as a woman.

The height of the eyebrow in relation to the eyelid slit (the opening of the eye) is important, that is to say the height of the eyebrow in relation to the root of the scalp. A beautiful eyebrow on a man is as essential as on a woman, but the proportions and shape of the eyebrow must be studied to have a natural-looking eyebrow.

The eyebrow descends as we age, we must carefully analyze the surgery to be performed, because sometimes we think that it is an eyelid procedure, but it is the eyebrow that is too low, we must first lift the eyebrow eyebrow and possibly perform lipofilling to rejuvenate the quality of the skin.

Posté dans News le 23 Nov 2023