My goal, the goal of surgery is not only to hide an injury but also to support you psychologically, these two components are inseparable.

During a diagnostic announcement, it is important to explain to you that reconstruction with reliable procedures must be considered. It aims to restore a harmonious shape and volume to the amputated breast and thus improve the quality of life and body image.

This breast reconstruction is an integral part of the treatment of breast cancer. It can in some cases be performed at the same time as mastectomy (immediate breast reconstruction), but in general it is started 6 months to 1 year after the end of radiotherapy.

The process lasts on average 1 year, comprising several stages. The goal is to restore the most natural skin envelope, shape and volume possible.

I wanted to highlight the latest autologous reconstruction techniques (without prosthesis), especially since the appearance of breast lipofilling (fat injection), which gives us more and more natural and lasting results over time.

An initial consultation will allow us to talk about it

Posté dans News, Breast le 03 Aug 2018