In France, the "French Touch" advocated by surgeons has long made the difference, to establish itself as a reference around the world.

The concern of his body comes more and more early, especially in women. Liposuction, breast implants, facelift are frequent treatments in an increasingly young patient population. Body worship crosses all social classes and the medical supply seeks to make it accessible to the greatest number.

The chest is more and more in the spotlight according to the expectation of the patient, even if the criteria of beauty evolved from the 1990s in favor of a larger cap. Nevertheless, we have noticed for some time that the size of the prostheses requested by patients, in search of an unnatural result, has somewhat decreased.

Breast augmentation can be considered in two ways: Prosthetic breast augmentation surgery is an extremely common operation in regularly performed cosmetic surgery.

This intervention is intended for women who have had too small, underdeveloped breasts since adolescence or those who have lost volume after pregnancy or significant weight loss. -

Lipofilling is a breast augmentation surgery with your own fat or injection of autologous fat in the breasts.

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