Female intimate surgery: What solutions?

What is female intimate surgery?

Female intimate surgery is a surgery acclaimed by women and for women. It is a surgery that is currently more and more in demand because women simply know of its existence.

In which cases should intimate surgery be performed?

The two types of indications, aesthetic and functional, are closely linked. Often, it is after difficult deliveries or anatomical anomalies, for example a young girl who comes into post-puberty around 17-18 years old and who is worried about having hypertrophy of the intimate lips or even a very significant asymmetry, having the sensation that the lips are completely outside of her sex and hang outside the labia majora. But we have other pathological indications, young women who need reconstruction and improvement after traumas of various kinds.

Scleroathrophic lichen, pathology of the vulvar and vaginal mucous membranes, hypertrophy of the clitoris in a context of hyperandrogenism (excess of male hormones in a woman)...

Regardless of all these considerations, the woman's point of view is very important. Women often complain, especially after childbirth, of having the entrance to the vulva extremely distended, sometimes with unmistakable signs. Water entering the vagina when swimming in the pool, the feeling of gassing, discomfort when wearing certain tight clothes. All these anomalies are sources of complexes for the woman.

What intimate surgery can be performed?

The most requested surgery remains the treatment of the vulvar open bite, but also the anomalies of shape and volume of the labia minora. Anomalies in the shape and volume of the labia minora will be treated by local plastic surgery which makes it possible to reduce their size, reintegrate them at least partially into the vulvar cleft, improve the tone and shape of the labia majora to better cover the labia minora. lips.

You can also improve the tone of the vagina either by lipofilling the vaginal walls, that is to say that you inject your own fat, which helps to tone the walls, or re-tonify the posterior wall surgically. It is then a posterior colpomyoraphy which will treat at the same time dehiscence or hernia if there was a muscle tear at the time of childbirth.

The other treatment for the entrance to the vagina will be the tightening as well as the repair of the perineum, which is a very frequent source of discomfort in women.

All these female intimate surgeries are of course completed by medical treatments to rehydrate the mucous membranes, whether hormones applied locally or as oral treatment, moisturizing creams based on hyaluronic acid, ovules and often also support psychological depending on the circumstances, injuries to trauma and especially the patient's experience. It is a very beautiful surgery, very meticulous which brings a lot of well-being when we have analyzed the reasons and the alleged complaints.

Posté dans News le 21 Mar 2022