Fat reinjection

Proven treatment

Fat has many advantages, it is a tissue with multiple virtues that make it an organ in its own right. Adipose tissue is an important reservoir of energy, which also protects vital organs and produces essential hormones. It also improves the quality of mucous membranes such as the heart or arteries, fat being a source of stem cells.

In cosmetic surgery, injections of fat cells are used to reshape the figure. The fat reinjection technique is carried out in two stages. The first stage consists in removing by liposuction the fat present in excess in zones like the belly, the thighs, the hips or even the knees, then it is purified.

It involves passing the fat cells through a centrifuge or a filter container that sieves it (Human med - Bodyjet), an action that will keep only the healthy cells viable, the others being eliminated. The third phase of the treatment is the reinjection of the fat into the area that needs shapely and a nice volume.

For a pretty silhouette in harmony, the fat can be reinjected into the breasts to increase the volume, it is breast lipofilling or in addition to a breast prosthesis to accentuate the neckline, either in the buttocks to give them shapely buttock lipofilling, either in the hips or the inner part of the calves to give them a nice shape, or in the face to fill in the hollows.

The results of a fat injection

Dr. Bergeret Galley uses a very fine cannula to collect fat. The Bodyjet® system allows a sample by continuous infiltration and reinjection of the fat directly into the tissues, in the cutaneous direction. The quality of fat injections is excellent thanks to these new technical innovations. The injected fat will fall into place very quickly for a visible result within two days, even if there is a resorption of a small part in the first weeks following the intervention. The fat cells grafted into the tissues will have the same lifespan as the latter. The result is natural and gives a harmonious appearance.

Possible cosmetic surgery interventions: breast lipofilling, buttock lipofilling, or breast augmentation by fat injection, face lipofilling.

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