The eyebrow is an anatomical element that plays an aesthetic and social role. It characterizes and personalizes the look and is a vector of communication.

It is difficult to elaborate "an ideal standard" because there is a great morphological heterogeneity according to individuals and cultures. The shape and position of the eyebrow play a very important role in the expression of the gaze.

Depending on its design and mobility, it can express tiredness, surprise, anger, sadness.

Is there a link between eyelashes and the dissatisfaction of many patients after upper eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty)?

They find that they still look as tired as ever. It's the eyebrow's fault! If the eyebrow falls off, especially at the tail, the look will always look as sad or tired (cocker spaniel eye).

However, solutions exist to raise the eyebrows and they are simple: among the medical treatments, we can mention Botox, and among the surgical treatments we can perform a small lifting of the tail of the eyebrow or a surgical re-tensioning without or with the help of a tensor wire.

So when treating the upper eyelid, the eyebrow must always be taken into consideration, and repositioned if necessary!

Posté dans News, Face le 25 Jan 2021