The demand for leg improvement is really changing, why?

The return of the dresses? Do women assume more?

One thing is certain, liposuction brings acclaim to the term "Body Contouring".

The use of thinner and more efficient cannulas combined with circumferential work allows to obtain a harmonious result.

Patient dissatisfaction with the appearance of legs or thighs is usually due to two things: • Too much volume (due to an accumulation of fat) • Relaxation.

If you are concerned, then liposuction can remove the deep fatty overloads of the ankles responsible for the legs "in pole".

The principle of liposuction is to introduce, through small incisions (3 mm), cannulas with rounded, non-traumatic tips, which suck up the fatty lobules but respect the other tissues. Fat cells do not have the ability to re-multiply, so there will be no recurrence. Fat injections can be precisely positioned where they are needed.

In most cases, a local fatty mass can be treated with liposuction, but sometimes this is not enough to achieve the desired result. Some loosening of the skin is mainly found on the inner side of the thighs, which will be even more visible afterwards, so the thigh lift can be considered….

Posté dans News, Body le 16 May 2017