At what age can I benefit from a rhinoplasty? Except after an accident, it is recommended to wait until the end of the post-pubertal period, i.e. 16 years old minimum. Be aware that there is no age limit, but the older you get, the slower the skin is to retract.

Will I have scars? There are no visible scars. They are on the inside of the nose.

What should I do first? I can prescribe you a standard pre-operative check-up which must be sent to you 8 days before your operation. A homeopathic preparation is often prescribed to avoid bruising and oedema.

What are the after-effects? It is not painful. Until the 8th day, you will wear a compression plaster, from the 8th day to the 11th day, a bandage. You will not have, except in exceptional cases, intra-nasal wicks. During this period, the face and in particular, the eyelids, are swollen, you should not blow your nose.

When can I resume a normal social life? No sun for 1 month, then sun block on the nose. Even if your nose has not yet reached its final proportions, it will be perfectly presentable from the 15th day (sometimes before).

How is the monitoring going? I personally monitor from the 15th day to the 18th month. It consists of monitoring and possibly directing the skin retraction on the new skeleton; it is all the longer as the reduction has been significant and the skin thickened.

Posté dans News, Face le 14 Feb 2021