The look is the most important part of the expression, but it is at the level of the eyelids that the first signs of old age appear.

Over time, the upper eyelids droop and fatty pockets appear in the lower eyelids, making the eyes look heavier, more tired and older.

The blepharoplasty performed by a cosmetic surgeon in Paris aims to correct the fall and excess skin of the upper eyelids, to eliminate the fatty pockets of the lower eyelids in order to erase the signs of fatigue, and give more radiance. to look.

The operation is generally carried out under local anesthesia, but when it is a question of the 4 eyelids one can opt for a general anesthesia.

The intervention lasts an average of 1 hour 30 minutes for 4 eyelids and 45 minutes for 2 eyelids.

Did you know that this intervention can be isolated but for an impeccable result, it is generally associated with a face lift?

In the language of passions, the eye has only one fault, that is to express everything.

Impossible to cheat with his eyes: if he reveals our feelings, he also displays unashamedly the blows of fatigue and the years, it is for this reason that this intervention must be carried out with great precision.

Posté dans News, Face le 20 Jun 2017