The notion of beauty is subjective, but it is even more so according to the countries and cultures. The question of the ideal morphology of a woman gives place to a long debate.

While Spanish and Colombian women are similar in their ideas, in Venezuela and Peru, we prefer a full figure in "bustier". In Argentina, on the other hand, we opt for a slimmer woman.

In the United Kingdom, the silhouette becomes more slender. In Italy, forget the shapes: the woman is ultra thin and all in legs. Just like in China. In the Philippines, the ideal woman should emphasize the hips and chest. Hips are also very appreciated in Egypt, while in South Africa, the representation appears more slender. This is to say that it is important to understand the standards of beauty around the world and how the pressure is exerted to varying degrees in different regions of the world.

Taking the example of breasts, the Brazilian woman prefers small breasts and bountiful buttocks. In Africa, the woman prefers generous or even excessive shapes and the European women, remain on the cult of extreme thinness. In conclusion: cultivate your difference, be in shape, avoid excesses and opt to optimize what still exists in you.

Posté dans News le 26 Jul 2022