COVID 19 FAQ answered by plastic surgeon Dr Catherine Bergeret-Galley

They say masks do not protect me, do I have to wear them ?

Remember, if you don’t feel sick it doesn’t mean you are not carrying the virus. The mask protects others FROM you. Also, people tend to touch their faces less if they wear the mask.

Do you develop immunity towards the virus after recovering?

Yes, at least before the virus mutates and only for a certain period, possibly about 1-2 years

Why do we have to stay in quarantine if we are young, healthy and not afraid of getting sick?

Because we are trying to reduce amount of patient who simultaneously need serious medical care. The death rates could be significantly lower if people were getting sick only few at the time, like with seasonal flu. The main threat of the new coronavirus is the speed of its transmission, which governments are trying to reduce by confining the population at homes.

Can i do a plastic or esthetic surgery right now?

General answer will be – no. Right now, all the hospitals and operation rooms are taken by the patients who need urgent care and a nose job can wait. Exception can be made for the cases like rupture of the implant, wounds or tumors. If this is the case, please, do not hesitate to call us.

What CAN i do to move towards my dream body NOW?

You can arrange the consultation with the Doctor Bergeret-Galley online and have a first encounter with her on WhatsApp or Skype, to see what can be done for your transformation and how can you start preparing for your new body and spirit. For example, if your dream is to have a tummy tuck, plastic surgeon might first ask you to get in your best possible shape, maybe lose some weight. She also can recommend you a good diet. New body can become your #stayathome project!

Posté dans News le 01 Apr 2020