Is cosmetic surgery always painful?

Cosmetic surgery in Paris is surrounded by many preconceived ideas, particularly regarding post-operative pain. Doctor Catherine Bergeret, cosmetic surgeon in Paris, sheds some light on what patients can really expect in terms of pain and recovery after a cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic surgery: what is it?

Cosmetic surgery encompasses various procedures aimed at improving a person's physical appearance but also may sometimes be necessary to improve their quality of life. Whether for a head and neck lift or an abdominoplasty, each procedure varies in complexity and recovery time, thus influencing the pain levels experienced by patients.

Specific interventions and their sensations


If it is performed on large volumes or on several areas, especially in larger patients, liposuction can turn out to be one of the most painful procedures. However, the pain is usually well managed with painkillers and only lasts a few days.

Cervicofacial lift: pain and recovery

Contrary to popular belief, a cervico-facial lift is often less painful than expected. Patients describe a feeling of tension in the face and pain similar to bruising and sometimes a loss of sensation. These sensations fade after a few weeks.

Abdominoplasty: Comparison and sensations

The pain after a tummy tuck can be compared to that of a cesarean section, but less painful. The sensation felt is notably that of the stomach being pulled, leading patients to lean slightly forward during the first post-operative days. Fortunately, this posture gradually improves, and most patients return to normal posture usually within about eight days.

Posté dans News le 27 Jun 2024