Breast asymmetry can be corrected using different techniques, depending on each patient.

We can first reposition the areolas, when there is an asymmetry which specifically affects this area of the breasts. Faced with an asymmetry that affects the entire mammary gland, classic cosmetic surgery techniques are possible.

— Breast ptosis treatment (or breast lift).

It allows one of the two breasts to be lifted in the presence of an asymmetry relating to their position. By correcting ptosis, the procedure allows the breasts to be placed back at the same level.

— Breast reduction This surgical procedure is proposed in the presence of volume asymmetry. It consists of reducing the volume of one of the two breasts (and sometimes, raising the chest) to find a more harmonious silhouette.

— Breast augmentation (by prosthesis or fat injection) This surgery is also considered in cases of asymmetry regarding the volume of the breasts....

Posté dans News le 03 Jan 2024