The aesthetic disgraces treated with rhinoplasty

In many cases, nose surgery is an operation that satisfies patients. There is no age to want to embellish his appearance and improve the appearance of his face, hampered by an unsightly nose. Sometimes it has a bump, sometimes its tip is too wide or too raised, or it is deflected, or still too long or too wide. All these anomalies are corrected, provided that they can be performed on the patient. Sometimes certain wishes are not adapted, which is why consultation before the intervention is of great importance. Together with the surgeon, the patient can then study the shape of his corrected nose and visualize his future transformation. Depending on the defects to be corrected, Dr. Bergeret Galley will use different techniques.

Nose surgery procedures

For reduction procedures, in the event of a bump or nose that is too large, it is the cartilage that is removed or sometimes severed. When these are too wide, in the tip of the nose for example, it will be necessary to make stitches to bring them together. To reduce the bone, the osteotomy technique makes it possible to fracture it and then remove the annoying part. On the contrary, when it comes to increasing certain parts of the nose, nose surgery procedures will use different procedures which are either a graft of cartilage from the nose or other parts of the patient's body, or a transplant.

In terms of results, certain procedures such as removing a bump are visible quickly after the operation and as soon as the plaster or splint is removed. Otherwise, it will take about six months for the final result, until the skin takes its place and adapts to this new shape.

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