Too large a chest can cause real discomfort: back pain, discomfort during sport, difficulty in movement, constraints in clothing choices. A posteriori, due to the aging of the skin but also to the effect of gravity, the chest can sag and become unsightly.

Breast reduction plasty, also called reduction mammoplasty, can lift and reduce the volume of hypertrophic breasts by removing both excess skin and mammary gland. Breast enlargement is a difficult concept to define because there is no precise limit between a "normal" breast of relatively large volume and a "small enlargement".

Two surgical consultations are mandatory before any cosmetic surgery. A preoperative mammogram is systematic in women over 35 years of age or with risk factors for breast cancer.

New mothers can also have a breast plasty if the breasts have suffered from pregnancy and / or breastfeeding and if they have sagging, for example. I can either offer a breast lipofilling or prostheses if their volume is insufficient or a breast lift if the breast is sagging.

Posté dans News, Breast le 24 Jan 2017