Thanks to early detection, many tragedies can be avoided, but despite all these preventive measures, some women will have to undergo a partial or total removal of the breast called mastectomy.

A breast reconstruction will then be proposed. For some years now, this operation has been an integral part of the treatment. In principle, it is covered by health insurance. You should not be deprived of a breast reconstruction. It is very gratifying for one's self-esteem and to feel good.

If we consider that the best results are obtained during an immediate reconstruction, that is to say in the same operating time as the removal of the tumor or the breast, the operation remains beneficial even if it is performed later. During breast reconstruction after mastectomy, the plastic surgeon works on the volume and shape of the breast. After a few months, and when the breast has acquired its final shape, he will reconstitute the nipple and areola.

Posté dans News le 15 Oct 2021