With age, pregnancy, or in case of significant weight loss, the breasts can sag. This is called ptosis. Whether small or very large, drooping breasts are a real aesthetic and psychological problem. The intervention is very close to breast reduction by the surgical techniques used and its aftermath.

Breast lift is to lift a chest whose breasts tend to hang. This is often done after pregnancy; it is sometimes performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck.

Likewise, after breastfeeding, in order to compensate for the loss of breast volume, breast lift can be associated with breast augmentation.

After losing weight, breastfeeding, or simply aging, breasts may tend to sag. This is called breast ptosis. It can occur on a breast that is too large as well as on a breast that is too small.

The breast lift can correct this sagging and firm the chest.

A first consultation will allow you to talk about it and offer you an objective treatment that is appropriate according to your needs and the most innovative treatment possibilities.

Posté dans News, Breast le 20 Apr 2018