Breast augmentation in men: Solutions in Paris

Over time, our body undergoes many changes. Among these transformations, the increase in the size of the chest in men as we age. This phenomenon, which can be attributed to hormonal, genetic or lifestyle factors, often raises aesthetic or comfort questions and concerns. Doctor Bergeret Galley, cosmetic surgeon in Paris, explains to you the reasons why the chest can gain volume with age and the various treatment options available.

Causes of breast enlargement in mature men Several factors contribute to breast enlargement in men. First of all, weight gain often promotes the accumulation of fat in the pectoral region, a phenomenon observed in both men and women. Furthermore, with age, testosterone production in men decreases while estrogen secretion may become relatively more significant, even without increasing in absolute quantity. This hormonal change not only causes fat to be deposited around the mammary gland, but also an increase in its volume. This phenomenon is characteristic of gynecomastia.

Fight against age-related breast augmentation in Paris

The presence of glandular (gynecomastia) or fatty (lipomastia) tissue in male breasts can be uncomfortable. To remedy this, a subcutaneous mastectomy is recommended in cases of gynecomastia, while liposuction is preferable if the problem is caused by excess fatty tissue.

Mastectomy in case of excess skin

Mastectomy involves the removal of the mammary gland through a small, semi-circle-shaped incision located at the periphery of the nipple areola. In the event of excess skin or sagging skin, excision of the skin, of varying extent, may be necessary, either simultaneously or during a subsequent intervention.

For men with noticeable excess skin after significant weight loss or due to gynecomastia itself, resection of the excess skin may be performed. This procedure is essential to obtain a more toned and defined chest contour. The resection may leave a scar, but it is strategically placed to minimize its visual impact while maximizing aesthetic benefits.

Chest liposuction in men

Male chest liposuction, also known as liposuction, is a surgical procedure to remove excess fatty tissue in the pectoral area. This technique is particularly effective for treating gynecomastia, which is breast enlargement due to excess fat and sometimes mammary glands.

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