Breast augmentation

The different techniques to increase the volume of the breasts

While the most common breast augmentation surgery is implantation of prostheses, there are also other methods to make your breasts more generous. In the first case mentioned, the implants are inserted in front of or behind the muscle, with scars that are hidden either under the armpit, around the areola or under the breast. The volume, shape and texture of the prostheses can be chosen in advance by the patient. These can be filled with silicone or physiological saline and have a round or anatomical shape. Round prostheses give a more marked volume on the top of the breast, ideal for a plunging neckline, while the anatomical ones have a more natural appearance. Another technique for enlarging breasts is breast lipofilling, which involves injecting the patient's own fat into her breast. To do this, the fat is first removed by liposuction in the other areas of the body, then it is centrifuged, which purifies it. The breasts can thus gain one to two cups of volume, with a natural effect and without risk of rejection, since it is about autologous fat.

The combination of the two interventions

The emerging trend in breast augmentation surgery is to combine both methods. The goal is as harmonious as possible, just like the most natural touch. The intervention begins with the implantation of prostheses, and ends with an injection of fat. This composite breast augmentation makes it possible to hide the contour of the implants, but also to correct a possible imperfection for patients who already have implants. This involves, for example, improving the curve of the breast or correcting a slight asymmetry. They can avoid ironing by surgery.

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