Botulinum toxin against wrinkles

An aesthetic method that rejuvenates

Originally, botox has been used for a long time to treat muscle spasms of the face, neck, eyelids. The basic principle of botox injections in cosmetic medicine is to reduce facial expression lines. Their action consists in reducing the activity of the skin muscles which are responsible for these wrinkles. Contrary to popular belief, botulinum toxin does not stretch the skin, but relaxes it, by relaxing the muscles in the treated areas. When injected directly into them, it gives the impression of tight skin at the start, but in reality, it is only the relaxation of the skin muscle, which results in the disappearance of wrinkles. In this sense, botox injections are a real alternative to facelift, while allowing the face to keep its expressions. The wrinkles of the lion, which are the inter-eyebrow wrinkles disappear in a very natural way thanks to botox, just like the vertical wrinkles of the forehead, and this without fixed effect. The patient can regain a radiant smile and his crow's feet, that is, the wrinkles in the corner of the eye can be considerably reduced. Ditto for the lower eyelid wrinkles which are perfectly treated by botox injections. The top of the lips where wrinkles sometimes appear from the age of thirty is also a sensitive area for which the results are excellent. The technique for optimal results The doses of botulinum toxin injected to treat fine lines and wrinkles are very low. However, the cosmetic surgeon who practices them must be an expert. The needles used are extremely fine, for tiny injections just a few millimeters deep. They are almost painless and the patient can resume their activities at the end of the session. At his office in Paris 8th, Dr. Bergeret Galleyva first make a precise analysis of the face of his patients. She will study it at rest, in motion and with its expressions, in order to proceed with the most targeted botox injections possible, to give the most natural result possible.

Posté dans News le 09 Oct 2017