Obesity leads to complications and losing weight is fundamental to avoiding diabetes, excess cholesterol and cardiac complications, vascular complications, Stroke and their neurological sequelae.

After a diet or the placement of a gastric band, obese people lose fat certainly, but end up with an excess of skin complexing them, because unattractive and uncomfortable. To remove this surplus and tighten the tissues, the bodylift is a solution.

The bodylift is restorative surgery which concerns the emaciated. However, this operation is sometimes offered purely on an aesthetic basis. These are people who are subject to post bariatric surgery (gastric band ...) and therefore, it is an operation reserved for former obese adults, that is to say people who have lost a minimum of thirty pounds. The final result can usually be seen after two months.

Did you know ; Other body lifts such as the thigh lift or the buttock lift may be indicated ...

Posté dans News, Body le 09 Feb 2018